Vote on 21 April 2021

Start time 2021-04-21
Finished Time 2021-02-21 23:59
Address Delft

Good evening everyone. The Cape Coloured Congress is days away from making history in the Cape Flats. We will be contesting our very first election in Delft. It will be a first step towards a better life for everyone.

We have overcome many adversities which lead us to this historical moment and here we stand united. We thank everyone who took part in this journey. The 21st of April will definitely be a significant day in the history of the metro. No matter the outcome of this election, we will never lose focus of our purpose. We will continue our fight for fairness no matter the circumstances. This Saturday we will make an appearance in Delft, and everyone is welcome to join us as we prepare for the by-elections.

Bring your whole entire family as this will be the first step towards securing a better future for your children. Attend this historical event, be part of it. This is your party after all.